SJSU Admit Spartan Day

Thousands of prospective students and parents hit campus April 13 for Admitted Spartan Day. Everyone at SJSU involved with recruiting new students came out in full force to welcome incoming freshmen, transfers and their families. Among the many offerings: academic presentations at every college; campus, housing and King Library tours; and workshops on everything from financial aid to Spartan spirit.”


San Jose State Trashion Fashion


“Associated Students hosted a Trashion Fashion Show the evening of April 23 in the Campus Village quad. The event raises awareness by inviting students to create and model their own garments made from at least 80 percent post-consumer materials. Students modeled trendy spring styles provided by a local recycled clothing store. And Carlos Escobar picked up the Greenest Greek Award on behalf of Delta Sigma Phi, which clocked the lowest carbon footprint per capita among all fraternities and sororities.”