Kenji Sommers Perserverance Video

Kenji Sommers is 15 years old and is an inspiring musician. He plays the guitar, piano and trumpet. On top of this he composes and records his own music. He loses himself in his music. “ Its a new thing every time and I’m making it…it’s like my own world.” The connection that Kenji has with music is one that has come naturally to him. While he plays his instruments you are able to see the relationship he has made with them, something that takes time and perseverance to obtain.

In 2010 Kenji’s dad committed suicide. This was a tragic incident that deeply affected Kenji, his family and the community around him. He acknowledges that this effected him on both a physical and mental level but he also is able to be strong and realize that life brings on obstacles but moving past them makes him stronger. Kenji’s ability to have an amazing strong mind and heart makes him who he is today.

Kenji has become a strong, mature young man. He understands that life isn’t always about himself and that “You can’t fret over a lot your problems.”